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Young and Old Clothing Pattern is a website to enable our customers to choose from our existing pattern portfolio which can then be used to manufacture workwear or fashion apparel at Young and Old Clothing

We offer a variety of patterns and samples to kick-start your clothing business immediately - either as "off-the-shelf" patterns or with modifications to meet our customers' needs.

Design, pattern, sample, grading, and production can all be carried out sequentially at Young and Old Clothing. We bring a major advantage of reducing the time and effort needed to create new patterns and samples and making it a compact manufacturing process. Please note our minimum quantity for a manufacturing order is 50 units.

Our focus is on sustainability and ethical manufacturing. We strive to ensure that no fabric is wasted in the process of clothing manufacturing at Young and Old Clothing. Any offcuts generated from the manufacturing process can be repurposed into accessories as seen on our youngold_craft Instagram page and we are open to any new ideas!​

Please click here to get in touch and let's get your clothing business started!

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